Breaking News: Carrie Underwood “Blows Away” Fan Club Members

    Yesterday, June 5th, 2012, I had the honor of attending the 6th annual Carrie Underwood Fan Club Party at the Grand Ole Opry.  It’s a party that is free of charge to members whom are selected to receive an invite, a selection whose odds of being chosen are fairly high.  It’s a day that is filled with waiting in line, meeting fellow fan club members, hanging out with one of country music’s biggest stars, and leaving with memories that will last a lifetime.  Here’s a full recap of the set list Underwood performed,  a handful of fun tidbits attendees learned about Underwood, and a peek at Underwood’s haven’t been released music video for her new single “Blown Away”.

The day started out early, though not as early as some fan club members who arrived at the Opry at 9:30pm the night before to ensure they were the first ones in line.  I arrived around 7a.m, mind you that’s two full hours before we were allowed to enter the Opry.  The line was a good 100-150 people long.  Thankfully I had some friends that were already in line and joined up with them.  By 8a.m the line nearly tripled.  Finally about 9:30a.m the doors opened and it was a mad dash to the best seats in the Opry.  Our group of friends found seats smack dab in the middle about six rows from the stage.  These seats proved to be great.  I’ve been to my fair share of Carrie Underwood concerts and I’ve never been as close as what I was Tuesday.

Underwood’s band members whom include back-up singer Jamelle Fraley, drummer Garrett Goodwin, and guitar players Jimmy Herman, Mark Childers, and Jimmy Herman took stage about five after ten followed by this year’s host, CMT’s Evan Farmer.  Underwood took stage to an excited crowd whom were all on their feet.  She opened up the party singing “Do You Think About Me” and “Nobody Ever Told You” off her newly released cd “Blown Away”.  Next up she sang a heartfelt and emotional version of Temporary Home, I’ve always loved her singing this song acoustically as it shows how amazing her vocals are and how she’s able to articulate and deliver the song’s message in a way that connects deeply with listeners.

Underwood’s current single “Good Girl” has officially been announced as the new #1 song in America and she sang this song like a #1 hit song should be sung.  In-between each song Underwood was chatty and witty, interacting with the shouts from attendees.  One fan shouted out her love for Underwood’s shoes, hot pink heels, and Carrie informed us she likes them as well however there a half size to small and had to stuff her “big ole feet into them”.   Underwood informed us, that she’s never sang “Wine after Whiskey” in public before and that she’s not exactly sure if she’ll remember all the lyrics.  Underwood danced along as she sang “One Way Ticket”, really getting into the song and feelin the island vibe that it creates.  Everyone had a fun time whistling to the song, including Underwood herself.  She performed her new single “Blown Away”, a performance that was stripped down acoustic style, a version that neither her nor her band have ever done before, and it came out beautifully and powerful.  She wrapped up the set list with the crowd favorite Before He Cheats, to which the crowd sang loudly along with.  Check below for a full set list.

 Farmer came back out to host a short question & answer segment, where Underwood answered a couple fan submitted questions.  From this fun little segment we learned that Underwood is terrified of pyrotechnics due to her fear of her hair catching on fire during her finale performance on American Idol, Underwood and her father danced to the song “In The Days of Wine and Roses” a song that Underwood didn’t know but learned it was the theme of her father’s high school prom, and we also learned Underwood’s favorite t.v shows include Modern Family and The Walking Dead.  Next came a sweet moment, in which a lady came out with a flip camera as Underwood informed the crowd that it’s her husband’s, hockey player Mike Fisher, birthday and she wanted us all to sing him “Happy Birthday”.  Check here: Carrie Underwood & Fan Club Members sing Happy Birthday to Mike Fisher, for the cute video and a glance of just how many people were in attendance.  She later tweeted Mike the video.

One of the “goodies” attendees received was a quick, sneak peek of her brand new video for “Blown Away”.  While it was only a 30 sec. clip, we were able to witness things being blown away in scenes that looked as though they were taken out of the movie Twister.  In one scene, we saw Underwood running towards an old house that was minutes away from being “blown away” from an incoming tornado.  While the clip was short, viewers were able to see that this video is much more than your average music video, as the directors have cued in on the story line and brought that to life.  While she didn’t give a release date, attendees were thrilled and excited to see the final, full length music video, as it has the makings of being one of Underwood’s best videos to date.

Farmer announced that Underwood gave him two tickets to the CMT Awards and asked the audience who traveled the furthest to attend the fan club party.  Too much surprise, there were fan club members from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Canada all there.  It was a sign that Underwood’s popularity extends further than just the US border.  The party ended with a trivia game, in which Farmer randomly chose twelve fan club members to compete for a chance to win an autograph copy of blown away, 1 free merchandise from the merchandise table,  Farmer’s self-penned book, a digital camera, and two free tickets & airfare to any of Underwood’s Blown Away tour dates.   Underwood read off a nice combination of easy and difficult questions and found her having to make up a few questions herself.  When all was said and done, one lucky fan club member walked away with a great prize package.  Meanwhile, after the show ended and everyone headed out of the Opry, attendees were treated to a hand signed Underwood Poster as well as a free t-shirt that read “I Got Blown Away By Carrie Underwood At The Opry”, that’s exactly the feeling members left with.

The party was enjoyable at every level, even the long wait members had to endure standing or sitting in line.  It gave a chance for members to meet one another, make new friends, and see friends they haven’t seen in a while.  While talking with some friends whom have been to every fan club party Underwood has put on, they claimed Underwood was more enjoyable, relaxed, and funny this go around then in the past.  Underwood showed she’s much more than a stellar singer and performer, but she’s also very personable and funny.  If you haven’t joined her fan club, I’d highly recommend that you do, before next year’s party, that way you can plan on attending.  The pictures you see included in this review, are all ones i took of the show, hope you like them! - Kalyn Jacobs, CMM Contributor 

 Set List: 

1. Do You Think About Me
2. Nobody Ever Told You
3. Temporary Home
4. Good Girl
5. Two Black Cadillac’s
6. Wine After Whiskey
7. Good in Goodbye
8. One Way Ticket
9. Jesus Take The Wheel
10. Blown Away
11. Before He Cheats

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